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Access Virus B/C/TI/TI2/TDM

The Access Virus is a virtual analog synthesizer made by the German company Access Music GmbH. It was first produced in 1997 and has since been upgraded frequently, with the company releasing new models about every two years. Early models include the Virus AVirus B, and Virus C series, each available in various hardware configurations. In November 2005, the Virus TI series was released, including the 61-key Virus TI Keyboard and the 37-key Virus TI PolarTo listen to our audio demo click here.

A small desktop model was released in February 2008 called the Virus TI Snow. A revision of the TI series called TI2 came out in March 2009, featuring faster digital signal processing (DSP), greater polyphony, more effects in the effect section and a slightly changed design. The Virus series also has come out with two software plugin versions: TDM for Pro Tools and VST for TC Electronic Powercore series. The term Access Virus can be used to refer to any one of these synthesizers.

The Access Virus employs various synthesis techniques, including subtractive synthesis, phase distortion (PD) synthesis, frequency modulation (FM) synthesis, and starting with the TI series, wavetable synthesis.

All of the Viruses are DSP-powered, virtual analog synthesizers. They have analog-style oscillators which can be tuned continuously from a pure sine wave to a square wave (with variable pulse-width modulation), as well as 63 "spectral" waveforms which are entirely synthetic, non-analog style waves. Oscillator waveforms may be modulated in a number of ways: ring modulation (AM), phase distortion (PD), or Frequency Modulation (FM). The Virus has a Matrix Modulation specification. With the TI series, two new oscillator models were added: Hypersawand wavetable.

The filter section is programmable, with two independent resonant filters which can be combined and modulated in various ways. The Matrix Modulation specification allows for the creation of complex and detailed sounds. The Virus features a filter saturation stage as well as different types of digital and analog-style distortion.

Web resources 
https://www.virus.info/home - Access company web page