Payment Methods

The payments can be done on-line in two ways:

Global Payment - 3D Secure - The payments are processed through 3-D Secure system provided by GP - Global Payments (GPE - Global Paymets Europe).

PayPal - The payments are processed via secure PayPal payment system.

The payments paid through E-Commerce 3-D Secure system and Paypal are not subject of any transaction or currency conversion fees.

What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is a card holder authentication mechanism. Every card entered in the payment gateway is checked by the respective card association, i.e. MasterCard or VISA. It is verified whether or not user authentication is required for the given card. If yes, the card holder is redirected to the issuer bank’s system to identify himself (by entering a password, inserting a chip card providing other senstitive information). The result of the authentication is then handed back to the payment gateway.

GPE’s system is fast and secure for all parties involved in an on-line transaction. A card holder is shopping in an on-line shop and requests payment by his bank card. The vendor hands over the payment request to the GP webpay. The card holder is asked to fill in bank card details and confirm the payment request.GP webpay authenticates the bank card holder using the 3-D Secure standard. If the authentication result allows the process to continue, GP webpay sends a request to authorise the transaction. If the authentication result does not allow the process to continue, the transaction is terminated. The acquiring bank forwards the authorisation request over interbank networks to the card issuer. The card issuer authorises the transaction and hands the result back to the GP webpay. GP webpay delivers the result to the vendor, who notifies the card holder.

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What is PayPal?

The PayPal is a popular on-line service which provides payment transactions between payment cards and (for certain regions) also bank accounts. All major payment cards are accepted. The PayPal is secure and fast. All you need is an e-mail address and the payment card or (for certain regions) a bank account. More information about PayPal company including PayPal payment instructions are available at  


Transaction Currency

All financial transaction are processed in Euro (EUR).

For informal calculation of the actual EUR/USD exchange rate please use the currency calculator located in the upper right corner of our website.

Note: Art of Sound headquarters are located in Prague, the Czech Republic. Because of the local legislation, the total transaction price has to be also shown in the local currency, which is CZK (Czech Crown). The total price (in CZK), which appears under Shopping Cart - Order Review is calculated on the current exchange rate issued by the Czech National Bank CNB.

For other currency conversions we recommend

Info: When comparing the exchange rates between your local currency and EUR and your local currency and CZK, some minor differences may occur. This may happen because of the exchange rates fluctuations among EUR and your local currency.