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Terms of Use

Important notice: By ordering the Art of Sound soundware product(s), you declare that you agree to the terms and conditions in the License Agreement and the following Terms of Use:

All herein presented sound programs (except an original Kurzweil soundware - K:Works soundware collection only) have been made by Art of Sound and are exclusively owned by Art of Sound.

Art of Sound reserves all related intellectual property rights.

You are entitled to freely use the audio samples, soundware files and programs hereto ("Soundware") during live public performances and to make your own music recordings.

You agree to use the soundware at your own risk. Art of Sound will not be liable for any eventual damage suffered in the course of such use.

You are not allowed to distribute or pass on the soundware by any means; or publish the soundware in any electronic form or in other multimedia publication.

You are not allowed to use any part of the Art of Sound soundware products for hardware/software musical instruments sale promotion without the written permission of the Art of Sound company owners.

The person infringing these intellectual property rights may face severe civil and criminal penalties.