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Art of Sound is a European producer of innovative soundware for professional musicians and studios. We specialize in Kurzweil soundware and custom-tailored soundware solutions. Our collections cover most music styles including contemporary electronic dance and experimental music. All soundware programs developed utilize our vast practical and technical experience, in turn opening new sonic dimensions for our customers.

The Art of Sound Team:


Ladislav Sykorovsky
Ladislav Sykorovsky

Sound designer and consultant to professional musicians. Ladislav exclusively cooperates with the National Theatre in Prague, programming synthesizers and samplers for operas and theatre performances (e.g. The Death of Klinghoffer, Montezuma La Conquista, King Lear, etc.). He was the exclusive Kurzweil K2600 programmer for the Prague production of Les Misérables musical. He is also an active musician - EBM project "In Medias Res - Retrospective" (1994-1996). Ladislav is very much sought after for his expertise in vintage analog and digital synthesizers.


Tomas Peterka   Tomas Peterka

Musician and DJ, author of several experimental electronic underground and dance music projects. FM synthesis expert and a collector of vintage analog synthesizers. A regular music magazine, computer magazine and Internet web site correspondent who specializes in PC hardware, sound cards, MIDI synthesizers and samplers.


Jan Bergmann   Jan Bergmann

Musician, singer and sound designer. Founder of various dance and experimental music projects e.g. Sector-X (1996-2002), Psychozis I and II (1998-2000). Co-author of Shocking Hazard original movie soundtrack (2003). Producer of radio advertisements.


Jan Markovic   Jan Markovic

Acoustic piano and classical organ player. Music magazine correspondent, reviews of multimedia HW/SW, professional MIDI and studio equipment. Jan also regularly cooperates with some national distributors of the musical stuff in the technical User Guides creation and translation.


Martin Safranek   Martin Safranek

Art of Sound sales manager and soundware consultant. Martin is also an experienced musician having enthusiasm for vintage analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines.