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Upgrade & Crossgrade

Upgrades and crossgrades are available only to registered users of the basic or lower versions of the respective products. It is not possible to order a product upgrade or crossgrade without a previously purchasing the basic product version!

A customer registration number is required for a product upgrade or crossgrade.

The registration number file is supplied as a part of the following soundware products:

K:Works "LE" designed for Kurzweil K2600 synthesizers
K:Works "LE" designed for Kurzweil K2500 synthesizers
K:Works "EX" designed for Kurzweil K2500 synthesizers

Registration number is not transferable.

Upgrade and Crossgrade purchases are handled through our on-line e-shop using a customer password issued via e-mail at the time of product upgrade/crossgrade. This password can only be issued to registered customer of the basic product version.

Customer Upgrade or Crossgrade passwords are sent out upon receiving a product upgrade or crossgrade request, after authorization of your registration number, please, mention that it requires necessary time for the database check to send your desired password back since each password is generated individually.

Customer password will always be sent to e-mail address submitted when ordering the original version of the soundware.

Once received, this upgrade or crossgrade customer password must be entered in the customer password field for the chosen product. This is also done through our on-line e-shop. The purchase is confirmed when he customer clicks the Add to Cart button.

The following process, shipping address confirmation and payment, is the same as for the purchase of the basic product version.

Please note: The customer password issued to a registered customer of a basic product version, authorizes the customer to use the password for a purchase of one product upgrade or crossgrade only.

The upgrade or crossgrade customer passwords expire 48 hours after it has been issued. After this time a new password must be requested.