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Art of Sound welcome letter and product introduction

Dear music enthusiasts

It brings us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of Art of Sound. We would like to inform you that as of today we have commenced the Internet sale of our soundware products for Kurzweil, Access and Waldorf musical instruments.

The development of the soundware for the above mentioned instruments has taken many years and it contains sound programs which are very well suited for classical as well as modern music styles.

• K:Works

The flagship product of our soundware programs is the K:Works collection for Kurzweil K2661, K2600 and K2500 instruments. This collection is the largest and most comprehensive collection, for these instruments, available on the market.

Throughout the entire development period of this soundware collection, we were guided by our vision to create a soundware collection that is uniquely original, offers timeless utilization, uncompromising professional quality and which is also very simple to navigate and easy to use.

The complete K:Works collection contains over 8,500 sound programs, which were uniquely categorized to ensure all individual sound programs are easily accessible during studio and composition work.

We have extensively consulted this unique concept of categorization with many professional musicians, representatives of recording studios as well as with orchestra conductors who all use K2xxx instruments. We have consistently come across positive and enthusiastic reactions which unquestionably confirmed to us that our painstaking efforts will be of much value to you, our customers.

With the kind permission of Kurzweil company, we have included in our K:Works collection, free of charge as a bonus, the entire original Kurzweil K2xxx ROM and FARM sound programs. However, we have re-categorized these sound programs to ensure they too are easily accessible and that they can be utilized in much more effective ways.


The next soundware collection, which we have prepared, VIR2ALL, was created for Access Virus B, C, TI and TMD instruments. This collection contains over 500 original sound programs. This soundware collection is now a very useful alternative to the collection which is shipped with Access Virus instruments.

All VIR2ALL collection sound programs were created so that it is possible to readily and effectively use them for both studio work as well as live performance.

• PULSation

PULSation soundware collection contains 530 sound programs. This is the most comprehensive soundware collection for Waldorf Pulse and Waldorf Pulse+ synthesizers.

The entire sound program collection can be utilized for the majority of modern electronic music styles.

• Wave:Art

The Wave:Art soundware category offers a standard WAV sample CD-ROM collection.

All included WAV samples are not mastered with any signal processors (e.g. Compressor, Equalizer, Maximizer, etc.) to give users more options when using the sample material. This makes the final mastering of your songs easier.

The entire CD-ROM collection will be further enlarged to offer interesting and inspirative products all the time.

Product Information

For detailed technical information relating to the above soundware products, please refer to the E-shop, Support and Downloads sections of our website. All technical information as well as current pricing is also available for download in PDF format.

MP3 Demo Samples

In order to better showcase our current soundware, we have put together some 400 MP3 demo samples which can be accessed in our E-shop section under each relevant soundware category. (These demos total in excess of 3 hours of listening time.)

We trust that you find these MP3 demos invaluable when choosing the soundware products which are best suited to your needs. We also hope that listening to the demos you may find inspiration and get ideas on how best to use the products you selected.

MP3 Demo Technical Information

To ensure that our entire soundware offer is entirely transparent, we have recorded all demos without the use of external or internal DSP processors such as Equalizer, Compressor, Maximizer, Enhancer, etc.

• K:Works MP3 demo for Kurzweil K2xxx instruments

In order to better demonstrate the basic quality of our K:Works sound programs, including some of their preset V.A.S.T modulations, we have recorded all the MP3 demos using Kurzweil K2500 instrument without the optional KDFX effect processor installed. The KDFX internal effect processor, which is shipped with K2600/K2661 instruments as a standard and besides the excellent effect algorithms contains also some DSP modulation functions similar to the base V.A.S.T engine of K2xxx instruments (for example frequency filters, etc.).

The complete K:Works MP3 demo samples were recorded using an internal Kurzweil 2500 effect processor (Digitech 256) only, which contains the basic types of effect algorithms (hall, delay, chorus, flanger).

• VIR2ALL MP3 demo for Access Virus B,C,TI and TDM instruments

All VIR2ALL MP3 demo samples we have created using Access Virus B instrument with an internal effect processor only.

• PULSation MP3 demo for Waldorf Pulse and Waldorf Pulse+ instruments

Due to the fact that Waldorf Pulse and Waldorf Pulse+ instruments are not equipped with internal effect processors, we have used a TC Electronic external effect processor for the compilation of the MP3 demos.

• Wave:Art MP3 demo

Analog and Digital FX Grooves mp3 demo contains specially created drum loops which are not part of the CD-ROM WAV samples. All the drum loops have been included for better demonstration of using these CD-ROM samples.

These background drum loops were created solely with the use of our Extreme Drums CD-ROM.

Product Order Information

Before proceeding with the purchase of our products, we would like to recommend that you make yourself familiar with the purchase, payment and delivery process. You can find information about this process in Ordering Info and Payment Methods and License Agreement sections of our website.

To those of you who are already familiar with our products, be it as a result of your direct e-mail correspondence with us via our info@aos-pro.com email address or as a result of visiting our promotional Art of Sound channel on YouTube, we would like to recommend that you follow the above mentioned links and make yourself familiar with the purchase, payment and delivery process also. Doing so will ensure that the entire process is smooth and trouble free.

Soundware products available in the very near future

The sale of all other products such as K:Works “LE” versions for Kurzweil K2500, K2600 instruments as well as the K:Works “EX” and “LE” versions Kurzweil K2000 instruments already listed on our website will commence in a few next weeks.

In conclusion, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and wish you much success in all your music endeavors.

Should you wish to give us feedback, please send it to info@aos-pro.com. Your feedback is of much value to us and we look forward to receiving it.

The Art of Sound team


We would like to extend our thanks to our below named colleagues and friends for their help and support and to our business partners for their technical and legal advice relating to the preparation and development of our soundware products.

Karel Huda
Ing. Ruzena Smausova
Peter Sky
Tomas Sedlacek
Ing. Dan Hoffrichter
Angelina Plumbe
Ondrej Siroky
Natalia Sedlacek
Frantisek Novak
Petr Prucha
Ing. Jaroslava Zakova
JUDr. Irena Holcova

Aura Pont
JUDr. Ales Kout

Prague National Theatre
Zdenek Harvanek (in 2004-2008)
Pavel Pribyl
Michal Koutecky

We would also like to sincerely thank the below named representatives of Kurzweil (Young Chang Co., Ltd.). This is for their trust with which, after our mutual consultations during 2007-08, they allowed us to include free of charge in our K:Works soundware collections the entire original Kurzweil K2xxx programs.

Kurzweil Music Systems
Mike Papa – General Sales Manager (in 2007-08)
All Kurzweil R&D engineers in Waltham

Our personal thanks also go to the following Kurzweil (Young Chang Co., Ltd.) representatives whom we approached in 2003-09, personally and via correspondence, concerning possible business co-operation in K2xxx instruments soundware development.

Young Chang Co.,Ltd.
Kevin Lim (in 2003)
Juhan Nam (in 2004)
Hyung Tae Im (in 2004)

Kurzweil Music Systems
David Weiser (in 2004-09)
Jeff Dunmire – General Sales Manager (in 2009)

And finally we would like to thank the following companies and their respective owners for the business and technical advice they gave us in 2004.

Pyramid Sounds
Peter Schouten

Sonic Implants (SONiVOX MI)
Jennifer Hruska