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PC3K:Works - Synth Collection - (Kurzweil PC3K)

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Product Description

Exclusive collection of professional sound programs contains vintage synth emulations, synth pads, synth basses, synth leads and synth programs specially designed for using with Kurzweil PC3K internal arpeggiator.

The PC3K:Works - Synth Collection is a special bundle including our PC3K:Works - Synth Collection (Volume 1 - Volume 6).

Sound banks: 8

Sound programs: 660

This soundware collection is carefully categorized to provide efficient searching and better user comfort for studio composing and live performance.

PC3K:Works – Synth Collection is supplied in the following categories:

Vintage Synth
This soundware category has been designed with a special emphasis on the so called “old school” feeling. It contains emulations of famous vintage synthesizers (e.g. Moog, Oberheim, ARP, Sequential Circuits, PPG, etc.).

126 sound programs (1 sound bank)

Synth Pads
A large collection of warm, lush, sharp and modern “analog & digital” synth pads carefully designed for various music styles.

176 sound programs (2 sound banks)

Synth Leads
Selection of monophonic and polyphonic leads with 70s and 80s retro feeling, including contemporary experimental leads. The aftertouch and portamento is extensively used to emulate the real lead synthesizer play style.

50 sound programs (1 sound bank)

Synth Basses
Analog and digital synthesizer bass programs, including exclusive MiniMoog emulations based on KVA – Virtual analog oscillators and excellent Kurzweil´s Mogue LP filter.

153 sound programs (2 sound banks)

ARP/SEQ Programs
Sound programs designed for the Arpeggiators and Step sequencers. The ARP/SEQ programs use filtered KVA – Virtual Analogue Oscillators - Saw, Square, Super Saw, Triple Saw and PWM, with extensive support of onboard real time MIDI controllers. For detailed description of the Kurzweil PC3K/PC3 and PC3LE MIDI controller settings, see the “PC3K/PC3:Works real time MIDI controller standard” table below.

105 sound programs (1 sound bank)

Sync Programs
Category containing leads and filtered programs with the oscillator sync. Oscillator sync is one of the features available on synthesizers with two or more oscillators, where one oscillator restarts the period of the second one, so they have the same base frequency. The timbre is then altered on the synced oscillator by adjusting its frequency input providing sharp and metallic sounds.

50 sound programs (1 sound bank)

Note: This soundware collection is designed for Kurzweil PC3K synthesizers without optional ROM boards installed.

Soundware delivery info: The ordered product will be delivered to your e-mail address as a ZIP file.

Product documentation (PDF Format) - PC3K:Works - Synth Collection (Kurzweil PC3K):

Reference Guide
Sound Program List

PC3K:Works - Synth Collection

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PC3K:Works – Synth Collection is specially designed for Kurzweil PC3K8, PC3K7 and PC3K6 synthesizers.

Explore the Art of Sound real time MIDI control modulations…

Most of the PC3K:Works sound programs support the Kurzweil PC3K keyboard velocity, press sensitivity and also onboard MIDI controllers. The controller sliders and wheels are used especially for synth basses, ARP/SEQ and Sync programs.

Below is the list of the standardized controller setup used for the Kurzweil PC3K sound parameter modulations:



Assigned parameters


Modulation Wheel

Vibrato, Tremolo or Multiple parameter modulations


Slider A – Data Entry

Low Pass, Band Pass and Notch filter modulation


Slider B

Low Pass and High Pass filter resonance


Slider C

High Pass filter modulation


Slider D

Sound program Layer detune, PWM, Shaper amount, Sync oscillator pitch, etc.


Slider E

Envelope Control – Attack


Slider F

Envelope Control – Decay


Slider G

Envelope Control – Release


Slider H

Envelope Control – Attack State (for soft or extra snappy envelope attack)


Slider I

KDFX internal effect processor – Wet/Dry



Sound program Layer – On/Off Switch

Important note for Kurzweil PC3K users: The PC3K:Works – Synth Collection requires the Kurzweil K2600 compatibility file to be loaded in your synthesizer.

The all PC3K:Works – Synth Collections are provided with our PC3:Works – Synth Collections designed for Kurzweil PC3 synthesizers.

The PC3:Works – Synth Collection does not require above described Kurzweil K2600 compatibility file installation.

However, we highly recommend to use the PC3K:Works - Synth Collection.

The main advantages of the PC3K:Works version over the PC3:Works one are more number of the sound programs, better sonic quality of some synth pads, synth basses and vintage emulations based on original Kurzweil K2600 saw and square oscillator samples.

Detailed information is available in our PC3K/PC3:Works - Synth Collection - Reference Guide (PDF document).

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