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There are more Virus models available (Virus B/C/KB/KC/Indigo/Rack/Classic/Polar, TI and TDM). Is the VIR2ALL collection suitable for all models?

Yes it is. Our sound programs use the standard functions, which are identical for all Virus models, including the newest TI line. 

How can I send the sound banks to my Access Virus?

VIR2ALL soundware is provided in standard MIDI File (*.mid). To load the MIDI files to your instrument use a software sequencer such as Steinberg Cubase, Emagic Logic or similar. First, upload the *.mid files as standard MIDI project tracks, next select the correct MIDI channel for your Access Virus synthesizer, set the tempo between 80 - 100 BPM and then start the playback. 

I have just listened to your sound demos. What kind of outboard DSP gear did you use to make them?

There were no external effects or dynamic processors used! All VIR2ALL MP3 demos were created using the internal Access Virus "B" DSP only.