Dear customers

Thank you for your interest in our VIR2ALL soundware for Access Virus B, C, TI and TDM instruments. We trust that our soundware will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to express your creative ideas through electronic music and that it will bring you a constant source of inspiration.


The complete VIR2ALL collection has been designed with an uncompromising emphasis on professional quality, clear categorization and long-term applicability for a select range of electronic music styles.

The VIR2ALL collection for Access Virus B, C, TI and TDM instruments includes the following soundware categories:

• Ambient
• Cyber Trance
• Noise FX
• 80s Retro

Each soundware category can be purchased separately which gives you a great degree of flexibility as it allows you to choose only the sound programs that cover your current needs.

A detailed description of VIR2ALL soundware products is available at our e-shop.

The PULSation soundware collections (PULSation volumes and PULSation bundle) are shipped via electronic delivery service to customer e-mail address.

The VIR2ALL soundware is also supplied on Compact Discs (CDs). For more information, please see Ordering Info.

Individual VIR2ALL soundware categories are supplied on one CD. The CD includes the relevant soundware and the soundware technical documentation which comes in the form of a Reference Guide and complete Sound Program List (PDF format).

The complete VIR2ALL bundle contains all soundware categories and it is supplied in a special box as depicted in our e-shop.

The total number of CDs shipped with each respective VIR2ALL product is shown in the following table:

Product  Name Soundware Compact Discs Backup Compact Discs
Ambient 1 -
Cyber Trance 1 -
Noise FX 1 -
80s Retro 1 -
VIR2ALL - Special Bundle 1 1

The complete VIR2ALL soundware (Volumes and bundles) is also supplied via electronic delivery service (For more information see Ordering Info).

Further technical information about VIR2ALL soundware products is available on our website under Support – VIR2ALL FAQ.

For additional information please contact us at