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K:Works FAQ

There are "EX" and "LE" collections available for Kurzweil K2500 and K2600 synthesizers. What is the difference?

The K:Works "EX" collections are designed for synthesizers with optional ROM boards installed (ST Piano, Contemporary and Orchestral for Kurzweil K2500/K2500R; Contemporary and Orchestral for K2600/K2600R).

The K:Works "LE" collections are designed for instruments without optional ROM boards installed.

How to identify the optional ROM board installed in my K2500 and K2600 synthesizers?

The easiest way to identify the correctly installed ROM board is the visual check of the sound program names directly on the K2xxx display. 

Contemporary ROM board – sound programs 800 - 899 

Sound Program No. 800: Jungle Jam 

Sound Program No. 899: Planet Jam 

Orchestral ROM board – sound programs 900 - 999 

Sound Program No. 900: TotalCntrl Orch 1 

Sound Program No. 999: Pad Nine 

ST Piano ROM board (Kurzweil K2500 only) – sound programs 770 – 799 

Sound Program No. 770: Concert Piano 1 

Sound Program No. 799: Stack Piano Pad 

The complete ROM options identification procedure is as follows: 

Save all your user programs on floppy disk or other storage medium. Turn the instrument off and on again. After the "Please Wait" notice on the display press the exit button to enter the diagnostic mode. Select the "Run Diags" option from the menu and press OK soft button. Now select from the diagnostic menu the "Sound ROM" option and press the OK. The instrument now automatically runs the test of the installed ROM options (result: PASS – FAIL) 

Info: In case that the diagnostic test of your instrument identified for one of the optional ROM "PASS" status, but your K2xxx does not show the above listed sound program names, it is necessary to reinstall the objects files (see ROM objects floppy disk). These installation object files are also available at www.kurzweil.com official websites. 

I have got your K:Works "LE" collection and I´ve just expanded my instrument with optional ROM boards. Can I upgrade my K:Works "LE" to K:Works "EX" collection? How expensive is the upgrade?

Yes, you can. See our price list for complete upgrade offer. As a registered user you will only pay the difference in the price of "LE" and "EX" collections. For more details please contact our sales department at sales@aos-pro.com

I´ve just replaced my Kurzweil K2500 with K2600, K2661. Can I crossgrade my K:Works K2500 to the K2600, K2661 version?

Yes, you can. See our price list for complete crossgrade offer. As a registered user you will only pay the difference between the K2500 and K2600, K2661 K:Works collections.

I don't have P-RAM expansion in my Kurzweil synthesizer. Can I load your sound banks?

Yes, you can. The size of individual sound banks is designed for machines without P-RAM. Further to that, all the unused parameters in each sound were carefully deleted to save you extra program memory.

I don´t have Sample RAM installed in my Kurzweil synthesizer. Can I still load your K:Works sound banks?

Yes, you can. It is not necessary for the sample RAM to be installed. K:Works collections use Kurzweil internal waves only.

I don´t have the Orchestral and Contemporary ROM boards installed. Can I use your K:Works collection?

Yes, you can. The "LE" collections have been designed for non-expanded K2xxx instruments.

I have just listened to your audio demos. What kind of outboard DSP gear did you use to make them?

There were no external effects or dynamic processors used! Our demos were created by using the internal  DSPs only.

Is it possible to order custom made soundware for special purposes?

Yes, it is. We offer custom made soundware for our clients who require special sound sets such as for operas, theatres, film studios, etc. Please contact our sales department directly for more information.