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PC3K/PC3:Works FAQ

Can I use the PC3K:Works sound program collections for Kurzweil PC3/PC3LE synthesizers?

No,  you can´t. The PC3K:Works collections have been specially designed for Kurzwel PC3K series only. There is dedicated PC3:Works soundware available for PC3/PC3LE synthesizers.

Can I use the PC3:Works sound program collections for Kurzweil PC3K synthesizers?

Yes, you can. These collections can be used for both Kurzweil PC3 and PC3K synthesizers. For more technical information, please see the PC3K:Works product description - section "Detail".

I have loaded the PC3K:Works sound program collection into my Kurzweil PC3K synthesizer and many programs sound incorrectly?

The PC3K:Works sound program collections require the Kurzweil K2600 compatibility file to be installed into your Kurzweil PC3K synthesizer. For detailed information, please see the PC3/PC3K:Works - Reference Guide - chapter "PC3K:Works / Kurzweil K2600 Compatibility File". 

The PC3/PC3K - Reference Guide, PDF document,  is available in  "Downloads" section.